Our Vision

"The role of a nurse or general practitioner goes beyond diagnosis, prescription or one-time treatments. These professionals serve as trusted advisors at every stage of a patient's life, providing practical health information, counseling, and emotional support to set the patient on the right track.

A nurse can combat the epidemic of non-communicable chronic diseases, tackle mental health issues, and address gaps in maternal health outcomes. Unfortunately, due to resource constraints, these primary care professionals may be scarce in underserved regions, whether in emerging countries or even in the developed world.

TNH Health seeks to put a primary care health professional into the pockets of millions of underserved patients around the world. Since we can't realistically close the massive gap in primary care with more human healthcare professionals, our vision is that a "virtual health assistant" can do a big part of the work. An AI assistant can assume part of the responsibility of nurses and GPs entirely and in the process create efficiency gains so that human health workers can focus on the more urgent, high-risk or complex patients."

Michael Kapps
CEO, Co-founder

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Our Team and Values

Diverse team of psychologists, nurses, doctors, UX designers, data scientists, engineers and many more

Social Impact
Focus on creating a business that drives real clinical results and can scale to impact underserved communitie

Women represent 65% of the company and 50% of C-level positions

Our core operations are in Brazil, but our vision is to impact the world


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